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Lamb Stew

This is the way my mom makes lamb stew and it is to die for.  Of course, I’ve never been able to replicate it quite as well, but mine is pretty tasty and it is Adelaide Approved.  All the measurements are just what amount you think you’d like to make (seriously, my mom never measures anything).

Lamp Pieces or leg cut up or chops
Celery – diced but leave some pieces approx. 3 inches long
Celery leaves – chopped finely (about 2-3 Tspns)
Carrots – cut up approx 2 inch pieces
Onions – diced
Potatoes – sweet and white – cubes or quarters
Squash – cubes same size as potatoes
1-2tsp Mixed herbs
Lots of garlic – diced (I love this measurement the best…’lots’)
1L beef stock (you will not use all, depending on how much meat etc you are using)

Brown onions.  Add garlic. Cook just very quickly.
Add meat, not all at the same time.  Do in batches if you have to. You want to brown it a bit.
Add carrots and celery (not the leaves).
Pour stock over meat just to cover  (some red wine-optional), and mixed herbs.
Add salt and pepper, cover and leave to cook for probably an hour.
Check for tenderness.
Remove meat from pot and keep warm.
Add veg. to liquid in pot.
Cook for approx. 20 mins until tender.
Remove from pot and put together with meat.
Keep warm.
Thicken liquid with flour, bisto or whatever thickeners you use.  Add more freshly chopped garlic and mixed herbs to taste and salt and pepper if necessary.  Just before pouring gravy over meat and veg, add chopped celery leaves.  Immediately pour gravy over meat and veg.  Serve with rice or couscous.  You can keep this warm for some time before serving but cover with foil so it doesn’t dry out.

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