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This is my sister Helen’s hummus and it always gets compliments. I like to spice it up but my ladies like it just plain. I usually make it plain, scoop some out for them the just add the cayenne to whats left in the processor and do a quick pulse.

21/2 cups of chickpeas washed and drained (1can)
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup tahini
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (u can add more)
1/3cup water
1tsp salt
Pinch pepper

Use 1/2 the lemon juice and blend all the ingredients except the chickpeas and water for about 5s.
Add chickpeas and purée.
Add rest of lemon juice to taste (I use it all)
Add water slowly until you reach your desired consistency. Go slowly!! Don’t make it too runny.


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My buddy Eva made this lemonade for everyone at work and it knocked my socks off.  Enjoy!  This makes the concentrate and then you mix with water to make the actual drink. 
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
4 lemons
Dissolve sugar in water over medium heat (doesn’t need to come to full boil but just make sure sugar is all dissolved) and take off the stove.
Using a micropane, zest all 4 lemons. Mix zest in sugar/water mixture. 
Juice the lemons through a sieve to catch the seeds & pulp. When the sugar mixture has cooled, combine the lemon juice & sugar mixture. Refrigerate. 
To Serve:
Use 2-3 tbsp of syrup to every cup of water, adjust to taste. Also tastes good with soda water or any type of iced tea! (steep 2 teabags in 1L of cold water overnight in the refrigerator). 

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It was a hot one last night and I was assigned dessert for a bbq.  So I ‘googled’ summer dessert ideas and this is what I got.  It’s ingenious and not only do the kids love it but the adults thought it was wicked awesome too.

These are the ingredients I chose to use, but you can choose whatever cookies, ice cream and garnish you want.  Or you could provide a combination and let your kids choose. 

1 package of PC decadent chocolate chip cookies
1 tub of ice cream (don’t worry,  you’re not going to use the whole thing)
Chocolate chips and sprinkes

Seriously, there are no directions.  You scoop the ice cream onto one cookie and flatten it out (don’t be stingy, layer it on there so that it oozes out the sides).
Push another cookie on top.
Roll the sides in the chips and sprinkles.

Voila!  You’ll need some napkins.
Note:  I didn’t make these ahead of time.  I just took all the ingredients there and built them with everyone.  It was part of the fun.

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